Silva Lindley Architects believe that designing with care and consideration is fundamental to creating a sustainable future. In terms of architecture, we generally approach all projects in the same way , always aware that the decisions we make in the design and delivery of architecture will have an impact on the environment now and in the future.

We believe in a holistic approach where we are able to work with clients to discuss their aspirations and the opportunities available.

We shall carefully consider and integrate passive strategies including the orientation and location of a project to optimise natural ventilation, natural daylighting and potential heat store. We shall always look to minimise excess – simple building forms, an efficient structure and elegant detailing can make the most of the materials used.

Further more we are able to work with you to consider the most efficient and effective active strategies including:

  • energy conserving methods of construction
  • local and low impact material sourcing
  • minimising dependency upon fossil fuel
  • consider alternatives for efficient and appropriate renewable fuel source
  • rainwater storage, harvesting and water re-use
  • waste management and recycling
  • ecological enhancement

Where required, we also work with specialists consultants to advise on current EEDS (Enhanced Environmental Design Solutions).